"I don't want people to just stand in front of the camera. I want to capture them doing something..."  WDL


I love telling stories 

Increasingly people want to know the story behind the Image

Thanks for visiting. What better way than in an Image to communicate lifes stories and remind our memories of those special occasions.

My name is Wayne Leary I live in Invercargill , Southland, New Zealand I have always enjoyed the history aspect to creating Images. Life moves so quickly that's its important to be able to look back in time at anything important. I attempt to see and tell a story in my images for you and future generations.This to me is an enjoyable hobby and I am always looking for new material. Basically if it is there to be shot I will shoot it... If that's what you want  and I can see the story you are attempting to capture.This website is a sample of work only. 

We are always looking for gradual improvement.

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If you wish a story told give me a call  032177728 or email  LEARY8160@xtra.co.nz

You might well be surprised what we may achieve.

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I always attempt to make sure that people I am photographing are aware I use content on this site which is in the public domain. Should you ever have a problem with your Image or in anyway you feel this presence an intrusion of a person's privacy an email would result in its removal. Private work always remains that Private. While access would be via the site it is protected by password.We never use content that we may cause embarrassment to an individual. 

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Business card front

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Panoramic view of beautiful mountains on Routeburn track, New Zealand

Pork Pie Movie 2017

Wayne Leary is a hobbyist photographer living in Southland New Zealand.  

photos.southlandonline.co.nz  or www.southlandonline.co.nz


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