Panoramic view of beautiful mountains on Routeburn track, New Zealand

Burt Munro beach race 2021 public car park Oreti Beach Southland NZ

When the chips are up!

Piper and Soldier Arrowtown Anzac 21

Back of a shag!

Blood Moon above NZ last night 26/05

Autumn at Queens Park Invercargill

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Central Southland- Southland NZ

Lime Stone Cliffs Central Southland NZ

Mountain Scene Central Southland NZ

There is Gold in those Hills ....Boy!

Prospecting Gem Stone Beach Southland New Zealand.

Lumsden- having shown respect

Anzac Day Parade Arrowtown NZ 2021

White hill Wind farm Central Southland New Zealand

Untitled photo

Early Morning light Te Anua NZ

Art at Marina Queenstown

Bright Autumn colours Queenstown NZ

Nice little fellow on the street in Queenstown


Wellington Nice Image (file)

Queenstown Entertainment.

Queenstown Gardens Autumn 2021

Dog Photo shoot yesterday

Downtown Invercargill today (01-03)

Hedge hog

Beach trees at The catlins

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The big Build@Inv

Untitled photo

Southland Athletic Championships 2021

Bluff Boats@Inv

Aaron Gates- National Champion@Inv

Smiles by winning TOS team 2020@Inv

Photos from National Cycling champs Invercargill Feb 2021


Speedway Burt Munro 2021

Queens Park on one of those days!

Art on the wall -Bluff NZ

Untitled photo

Huge incident at Burt 2021

The Red Bike 141 Burt Munro 2021


Riding on the bike..

Street Racing Burt Munro 2021

Street Race day at Burt Munro 2021

Drama at Burt Munro 2021

A rider and his sidecar swinger avoided serious injury in a spectacular  incident at the Burt Munro  speedway event tonight. (sat 13/2) These images are straight from the camera showing the damage to machine and good fortune for the riders. To see more click on the above Image and it will open the camera file showing a sequence of the event. The riders can download copies of the incident free of charge. If they wish.A reminder of any commercial use requires public acknowledgement of the site with any print.

Having ago Burt Munro 2021

Ari -Tennis club Invercargill

Untitled photo

Bank Building Invercargill 2021

Corbin Strong at sbs tour of Southland- winner of the NZ classic 2021

Untitled photo

NZ Native Pigeon- Kereru feeding

Jessica M

Rosie Glow Winner 2021 Summer Cup NYD

Took the camera away for a long weekend visited Geraldine and Oamaru Festivals on in both towns so plenty of Images to come. Keep an eye out.

Aaron Gate -Champion

Congratulations to Aaron Gate and his Black Spoke team for a fantastic win in the 2020 edition of the sbs Tour of Southland. It was a great tour to watch from start to finish. Organised and held in a difficult year with Covid around the world. The organisers can take a bow.  The event was from the top shelf. The fact that all 3 place getters in the event were previous winners of the tour spoke for itself.

Feldwick Gates upgrade underway

Ari (file image)

File image 2019

(File Image)

Untitled photo

(File Image)

(file Image)

Untitled photo

(File Image)

Burt Munro 2012


SBS Invercargill 2020

Kelvin Hotel Invercargill 2020

Queenstown 2

Hoiho- Bird of the Year

Yellow eyed Penguin

Untitled photo

Glenorchy NZ

Milford Sound NZ 2019

Untitled photo

Milford Sound

Untitled photo

Double Tree Hilton Queenstown NZ

Wanaka in Autumn

Water Tower Invercargill NZ

The Capital